Maqsood Rahman is one of the Best SEO Expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Maqsood Rahman

Google SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Want to rank in Google from anywhere in the world? No Problem!

I'm the first SEO Audit Software creator in Bangladesh. I have worked in the Digital Marketing industry for the last 17 years in New York and Currently, I am working for 4+ years as Founder and CEO for SEO Audit Agency & SEO Audit Software. My Agency and Software are fully dedicated to serve Local and National Enterprise-level SEO clients. From Big data analysis, finding bugs, and fixing technical errors to rank higher on the Google first page, I can help you to achieve all SEO success.

I graduated in Computer Science and Technology from London Metropolitan University and in addition to that, I also hold a degree in BBA from Cuny University, New York.

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SEO Experts Playground in Bangladesh

SEO Experts Playground

    I have managed more than 500+ SEO clients while I was working as a full-time digital marketing manager and running my SEO Agency. This helps me to do lots of research & practice and rank any kind of website on the Google 1st page.

  • My SEO Audit Agency

    Data-driven user-focused full-service digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. SEO Service is the core of my Agency.

  • My SEO Audit Software

    White Label SEO Audit Software specially designed for Digital Marketing Agency & SEO Professionals.

I can help you to meet and even exceed your business standards. I have the expertise to make your website easier to use, more likely to convert, and more capable of creating a positive impression.

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Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh

I am the Expert in Bangladesh, providing the growing business more solid SEO strategy to improve their local presence.

  • Dedicated Local SEO Specialist

    With Local SEO strategy, I handcrafted your local business with relevant keywords and optimization strategy to generate more inquiries, leads, and calls for your local business. Get in touch and discuss your SEO challenges in detail.

  • Sync your business with Google

    I will create your ‘Google My Business’ profile and optimize it in such a way that you can win the first position in the local search engines results pages not to mention on the Map packs.

  • Increase foot traffic to your location

    My local SEO solutions bring more traffic growth to your location. Whenever your target people search for “X Product/Service near me” your business will be visible in their search engine result pages.

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Local SEO Expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh

How to Identify Real SEO Expert
in Dhaka, Bangladesh

To make sure your business is handed over to real SEO experts, have a look at the FAQs below.
  • An SEO expert should have a well-rounded perspective and knowledge about digital marketing. For SEO to work, it should have an understanding of all the marketing perspectives from a deep level.

    They should know the philosophy of social media landscape, web analytics, web design & development, user experience, page speed, content, product, business model, and much more.

    When an SEO expert disconnected himself from the above practices, he then makes short-term decisions that can ultimately hurt any website more than help. But gladly I have it all.

    All of these lessons made me an SEO Expert in Bangladesh. I have 20 years of experience in the field and I am well-guarded about whats works best in terms of SEO practices in the website.

  • Today's SEO needs an understanding of all digital marketing elements at a deep level, which includes website coding knowledge as well.

    Google doesn't see your site the way we humans do. They just look at the coding. If they don’t understand the code, that means there's some problem underlying the website HTML code. It didn't optimize the right way.

    And an SEO expert has to find out the problem and give a solution to those technical SEO problems.

    A qualified experienced SEO expert who has knowledge in website coding can review your site, ask you relevant questions related to that, and can prescribe the remedies.

    An SEO expert doesn't need to have a deeper level of knowledge about website coding. But they should have the basics about how websites and search engines work.

    A solid understanding of website HTML and CSS is needed for your SEO to fully work on the website. Understanding where the web developer is coming from is amazingly helpful to reconcile the differences and can easily offer SEO insights.

    And as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh, I have the solid technical knowledge to implement the SEO best practices to the website in the right way.

  • Without server-side knowledge, an SEO professional’s implemented SEO practices won't work fully. The biggest benefit of server-side knowledge is now you can easily retrieve a web page, launch the code and assess the structure and design of the page.

    With that knowledge, you can implement the most current technology and google recommendations to help Google bots to crawl the site easily.

    And that includes choosing the right server for a new website. Website accessibility is another important element.

    If your website isn’t displayed properly when the robots want to access it, then you need to reckon with the fact that it may hinder its correct indexing process. That’s when an expert’s server-side knowledge is required.

    It’s also worth pointing out that such knowledge has a significant impact on numerous factors such as your page loading time.

    As the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, I have been working in this area for almost 20 years. I know how to optimize a site in a better way to achieve higher search engine rankings.

    So I can say relying on the expertise of my server-side knowledge in the SEO field keeps you rank on the first page.

  • While writing SEO-friendly content for the website most people now tend to focus only on the popular keywords without considering their competitiveness.

    Search volume and relevancy matter here a lot than looking for just any keywords to place on the content.

    There are also some SEO writers who only focus on technical aspects of SEO rather than focusing on what good writing can do here.

    An in-depth SEO writing distills the complex ideas and thoughts into concepts that an audience can easily understand and can make decisions with.

    Only an SEO expert in Bangladesh knows how to play with website content in a better way. Doing keyword research and being the author of the content brings incredible value to any web content. And And I can confidently say, I am best at doing both.

  • Webmaster guidelines let you implement the best practices to help the site appear in the search engine.

    To achieve sustainable results it’s important to apply the techniques that are in line with Google’s expectations.

    Not so many SEO professionals out there understand the guideline fully or follow 100% of it. Which resulted in algorithm devaluation. In most cases, you can expect a ban from Google SERPs entirely.

    To follow it 100% every SEO professional needs to review the guideline consistently and make necessary changes on the site. Google necessarily doesn’t announce all the secrets. So here we must take the alert steps.

    Following the Google webmaster guideline helps Google to find, index, and rank your website easily. How exactly Google ranks websites is unknown.

    I have been known as the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, who understands how to implement the best practices of SEO by keeping Google’s algorithm in line. I have had expertise in this field for more than 20 years. The best SEO decisions I make bring fruitful results for many agencies around the world.

  • SEO is continuous work. There are hundreds of little things that go into the bigger picture before doing SEO. There's no way to stop it in the middle. You have to work and continuously update your knowledge in order to gain the best results.

    Once the site gets its desired rankings, what's now? Will you stop doing SEO? That's what most SEO professionals do. There should be a passion for improving it further.

    To remain in that position you have to work on it. Google algorithm is changing, so in accordance with that, you have to update the site and improve it positively so the site remains on its Rankings.

    I have a better understanding of the bigger picture on which a company can rely. I always believe an SEO expert should share his concern for the conversion goals not for that certain ranking position.

    Of course, ranking is an important fact. But it's a short-term goal. The long-term goal is to keep doing SEO best practices so you can remain in that best-ranking position at the same time achieve your marketing goals.

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Service in Bangladesh

Are you want to get started with SEO & looking for hiring a full-time SEO Expert? Well you are in the right place.

Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic & Sales with An Expert SEO Consultant in Bangladesh

If you’re looking for serious business growth, then SEO is the strategy you should go for. And an Expert SEO consultant can help you to make sure your business is performing at its best.

Don't forget to share your business email and phone number and the best date and time to call you. Else, your email will be ignored.
If eligible, Allow you to consult 20 Years of experienced SEO Expert for 30 minutes free of cost.

1. SEO Questions: If you like to share your SEO queries or problems with me or like to see the problem you have dealing with, give me a message and let addressing it together.

2. SEO Metrics Analysis: I’ll do a technical site analysis and go over the findings and run a high-level analysis of the metrics gathered from the website and current search performance.

3. Get Strategic Recommendations: After identifying the issued area, I then detailing the solution with our strategic use of technical SEO, onsite SEO, Off-site SEO, and Content strategy.

4. SEO Prediction: I will help you forecast your future search traffic, and your revenue after constantly creating and implementing high-quality strategies.

5. Final Decision: If you are confident, I can move forward to propose a solid SEO plan for your project. And if we are both on the same page, I can turn this plan into a final proposal.

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